The Litigation and Individual Matters Department

Civil and criminal cases are often a sensitive issue. We realize our Clients are not always capable of committing themselves fully to all legal aspects of the case. We understand they may have more important issues to handle such as inheritance or divorce. As their lawyers, we are ready to take care of their affairs and make every endeavour to achieve resolutions that are best for them.

The Litigation and Individual Matters Department of SRDK handles all kinds of cases to which individuals are parties. We assist in criminal, civil and family matters and advise on matters where private property aspects intertwine with these relating to corporate assets. We also provide integrated legal assistance in personal interests protection matters. We offer seamless service across all areas of civil law from inheritance, through divorce to criminal cases. We always begin work on a case by analysing the Client’s situation. Then we draft the relevant documentation for the case, provide advice and, if the Client so wishes, represent him/it in court. We use suitable document review techniques, which helps us find the relevant arguments and evidence in favour of our Clients.

Real estate law, building law, M&A transactions, corporate law, intellectual property law, including copyright, law practice optimization, including tax optimization of transactions, opining and drafting of commercial contracts, banking law, public procurement law, financial instruments, environmental law, including waste management regulations, and bankruptcy law.