Real estate and investments processes

From decisions setting the terms and conditions of land development to real estate management contracts – SRDK provides an integrated, seamless and top quality service across all aspects of law relating to real estate purchase, sale, development, extension and management. We deliver comprehensive service for your commercial and private estate.

Our counsels from the Transaction and Business Department are experienced in advising and representing Clients in all real estate-related matters. When examining the terms and conditions of land development, we establish the legal status of the land, review the documentation and focus on local environmental protection issues. We check the environmental conditions that are vital from the point of view of the land development decision as well as any other administrative requirements. We also protect our Clients’ interests at the stage of design documentation drafting, management of the investment undertaking, construction works and the author’s/investor’s supervision. In processes initiated to convey title of real estate we thoroughly analyze the legal status of the estate and check whether it is encumbered with any debts or claims towards the person conveying it. As the analysis turn out satisfying, we draft and negotiate real estate conveyance contracts including, inter alia, preliminary contracts and contingent contracts to convey title.

SRDK’s strengths in the area of real estate:

  • comprehensive Client representation in the investment process, including proceedings initiated to obtain decisions setting the terms and conditions of development as well as building permits;
  • comprehensive real estate due diligence processes;
  • drafting and negotiating lease/tenancy agreements;
  • integrated Client representation in reprivatization procedures, including procedures carried out on the basis of the Bierut Decree or the Agricultural Reform Decree and in the procedure of transformation of the right of perpetual usufruct into ownership title;
  • adjusting the legal status of real estate to its status quo;
  • Client representation in procedures pending before the land registry court;
  • submitting comments and requests pertaining to draft local zoning plans;
  • giving legal opinions on broadly understood substantive law issues and aspects of building law.
Real estate law, building law, M&A transactions, corporate law, intellectual property law, including copyright, law practice optimization, including tax optimization of transactions, opining and drafting of commercial contracts, banking law, public procurement law, financial instruments, environmental law, including waste management regulations, and bankruptcy law.
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