Public Procurement

No errors or omissions. Both as regards the principal and a participant in the public procurement procedure. SRDK structures public procurement projects in compliance with the law and prepares the relevant documentation according to the applicable requirements. We help Clients engaged in award procedures achieve the desired results.

SRDK offers legal assistance at each stage of a public procurement project including assistance in appeal procedures and drafting and implementing legal opinions and analyses. We help Clients organize the award procedure and build a strategy that will lead them to the desired success. We thoroughly analyse the documentation to see if there are any legal risks, and prepare the necessary documentation meeting all formal requirements. We guide the organizers of public procurement procedures through each stage of the process. We help chose the appropriate type of a PP procedure and draft the relevant documentation. We have experience in representing principals and participation in the work of tender commissions. We make sure all formal requirements are fulfilled by contractors and represent the principal and participants of the award procedure before the National Appeal Chamber and courts. We prepare not only by-laws, template letters or purchase plans but also replies to appeals and template correspondence with subcontractors.

SRDK’s strengths in the area of Public Procurement: 

  • experienced advisors on matters relating to the organization of public procurement procedures;
  • legal advice and assistance throughout the entire public procurement process;
  • ensuring compliance of the award procedures with the law;
  • assisting in the seeking of claims for damage sustained by tender participants;
  • protecting Clients’ interests in drafted and negotiated contracts;
  • acting with utmost care when representing Clients in public procurement appeal procedures;
  • drafting sub-contractor agreements and consortium agreements.
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