Criminal law

Within our area of practice we also represent Clients in criminal cases. When handling these cases, we always care about Clients’ interests. We make every effort to ensure that the resolution of the case is satisfactory for the Client.

Our expertise in the area of criminal law covers the whole variety of services:

  • counsel’s activities in the course of the preparatory procedure – from detention to investigation;
  • counsel’s activities in the course of the court procedure – defending and representing Clients before courts;
  • drafting appeals and cassations;
  • representation of the injured and defendants before prosecution bodies;
  • legal assistance and specialist advice on crimes and misdemeanours regulated by the criminal code, fiscal crimes code and code of petty offences;
  • legal assistance in the course of the criminal enforcement procedure (handling cases and drafting electronic surveillance motions, motions to be put on parole, motions for the penalty to be deferred) after the court verdict becomes final;
  • drafting motions, letters and legal opinions;
  • handling criminal cases, business crime cases and fiscal crime cases; at each stage of the case we ensure support as to the merits of the case across all legal aspects of the case and discretion.
Counsel with many years of experience gained in various law firms in Warsaw. The law firms Zbigniew Roman has worked for specialize in criminal and divorce cases. Among others, Zbigniew Roman has worked for Naumann-Trela-Zuchowicz and at Jerzy Naumann’s individual legal practice. For 6 years Zbigniew has had its own practice.
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