Due to dynamic development of the e-commerce and media industries as well as an increasing number of infringements of copyright, intellectual property and personal rights, we offer Intellectual Property | TMT | IT advisory services at SRDK.

As part of our expertise, we provide legal services to authors, influencers, broadcasters, and media agencies. We also support entrepreneurs in the area of unfair competition, and we make sure that all operations they take are secured also in terms of intellectual property.

Our lawyers have experience and provide comprehensive legal services in the sector of:
Copyright, including:

  • providing support in resolving copyright-related disputes;
  • drafting contracts for copyright and derivative rights transfer; licenses, contracts for specific work with copyright transfer, IT contracts, know-how contracts.

E-commerce, including:

  • verifying online operations in terms of legal regulations;
  • pursuing claims related to Internet domains;
  • drafting regulations for online stores, privacy policies, regulations and consent to personal data protection.

Protection of personal rights, including:

  • conducting litigations regarding infringement of personal rights;
  • drafting and reviewing contracts for image protection and use.

Advertising rights, including:

  • drafting contracts for marketing campaigns and advertisements (including the use of someone else’s image or restrictions applicable in certain sectors, e.g. in the alcohol industry, or sports betting);
  • advising on the organization of competitions, promotional lotteries, loyalty programs;
  • reviewing marketing intentions, including product placement and sponsorship.

Unfair competition, including:

  • handling disputes and advising in the field of unfair competition, including market and customer takeover, product copying, parasitic product imitation, unfair and unlawful use of other people’s or companies’ reputation, breach of trade secrets, false or misleading product markings, dissemination of false or misleading information.

Personal data protection:

  • conducting audits in terms of compliance with regulations regarding the protection of personal data;
  • drafting contracts and consents regarding personal data,
  • comprehensive service provided to the event industry;
  • comprehensive service provided to broadcasters, TV operators, VOD operators, software and computer games producers;
  • advising on licensing processes before the National Broadcasting Council and the Office of Electronic Communications;
  • conducting due diligence audits of companies in terms of intellectual property rights.
Real estate law, building law, M&A transactions, corporate law, intellectual property law, including copyright, law practice optimization, including tax optimization of transactions, opining and drafting of commercial contracts, banking law, public procurement law, financial instruments, environmental law, including waste management regulations, and bankruptcy law.
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