Corporate law, corporate governance and M&A

The bigger the company, the more important it is to clearly determine the law- and business-related principles of its operation. Companies needs law-based rules of functioning on the relevant market as well as internal management and control principles. We help them create internal procedures to make their business life easier and ensure that actions taken by entrepreneurs are compliant with the law in the context of the ever-changing regulatory environment.

We create corporate governance procedures based on our knowledge of the business world and an in-depth analysis of the law – both the generally applicable law (labour law, environmental law, etc.) and specific regulations applicable in the given industry. Within the framework of our day-to-day service we make sure company management procedures are adhered to at shareholders’ meetings and general meetings, which we sometimes also chair. Within the framework of our day-to-day assistance in the area of companies law and in M&A transactions, we advise on commercial law issues, prepare corporate documentation and represent companies, shareholders/stockholders or members of companies’ authorities before courts in commercial matters, including procedures to challenge resolutions adopted by companies’ governing bodies. We do our very best to provide comprehensive, tailored service covering both day-to-day assistance in corporate matters and advice in legal form and ownership structure transformations.

SRDK’s strengths in the area of corporate law, corporate governance and M&A: 

  • comprehensive, day-to-day service covering companies law and corporate law issues;
  • expertise in the setting of the rules of conduct for the company’s governing bodies, partners and shareholders/stockholders;
  • drafting business-friendly corporate documentation (statutes, resolutions,  management by-laws, general meeting by-laws, supervisory by-laws, etc.);
  • taking minutes and providing legal assistance during management board and supervisory board meetings;
  • representing shareholders/stockholders during shareholders’ meetings and general meetings;
  • ensuring top-quality of M&A documentation and procedures;
  • preparing, updating and archiving of companies’ legal documents.
Real estate law, building law, M&A transactions, corporate law, intellectual property law, including copyright, law practice optimization, including tax optimization of transactions, opining and drafting of commercial contracts, banking law, public procurement law, financial instruments, environmental law, including waste management regulations, and bankruptcy law.
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