Family law

SRDK deals with all aspects of family law, especially with issues such as divorce, legal separation, and child custody. Divorce cases are handled before a district court and include matters related to the determination whether there is ground for fault-based or no fault divorce, determination of child’s permanent place of residence, parental authority, parent-child contacts, and alimony.

Attorneys from our law firm will provide legal advice, prepare a statement of claim, a response to the statement of claim and all documents, papers, and pleadings in the field of family law. Above all, however, they will attend each hearing, sharing their professional knowledge and experience so that the proceedings can be effectively conducted, thereby reducing stress to which the client is exposed. Moreover, our lawyers deal with family law cases, which are subject to district courts. These cases include: settling important matters of minors (e.g. contacts with both parents, parental responsibility, alimony, obtaining permission to issue a passport or ID card when parents were not married, or after the divorce, or when parents do not decide to divorce in at all); establishing or contesting paternity and the related claims; division of community property together with possible determination of the existence of unequal shares of spouses, and settlement of mutual outlays.

Counsel with many years of experience gained in various law firms in Warsaw. The law firms Zbigniew Roman has worked for specialize in criminal and divorce cases. Among others, Zbigniew Roman has worked for Naumann-Trela-Zuchowicz and at Jerzy Naumann’s individual legal practice. For 6 years Zbigniew has had its own practice.
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