Divorce is a significant life changing event, hence the assistance of an experienced lawyer is really important. Professional divorce attorneys from our law office in Warsaw, who are also immensely experienced in polish family law, will provide comprehensive service in this area.

They are focused on both solving disputes between spouses and establishing custody rights between parents and children in such a way that the welfare of children during this troublesome process would always come first.

During divorce, most concerns and issues relate to child custody, such as alimony and parental rights (including the limitation or deprivation of such rights or establishing the intensity of parent-child contacts). The attorneys from our law office have experience in handling extremely different divorce cases, therefore each of them is able to provide the most effective help. Bearing in mind the sensitive nature of divorce, we approach our clients respectfully and tactfully. We are aware that divorce can trigger all sorts of unsettling feelings, thoughts and emotions related to this new stage of life and new family dynamics. With a divorce attorney’s support, our clients can focus on the most important matters in their life.

Counsel with many years of experience gained in various law firms in Warsaw. The law firms Zbigniew Roman has worked for specialize in criminal and divorce cases. Among others, Zbigniew Roman has worked for Naumann-Trela-Zuchowicz and at Jerzy Naumann’s individual legal practice. For 6 years Zbigniew has had its own practice.
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