Inheritance cases

The SRDK Law Firm provides services in inheritance cases. Our lawyers focus on comprehensive legal protection in every aspect of an inheritance case: from obtaining a confirmation of inheritance acquisition, inheritance security, inventory and estate division. It often happens that the division of the estate should be combined with the abolition of marital joint property. We offer our assistance in this matter as well.

Inheritance cases require careful preparation and collection of relevant documents. As this is our area of expertise, we are able to quickly solve legal problems related to the death of a loved one. Attorneys acting on behalf of our law firm participates in out-of-court activities related to inheritance proceedings, such as inspection of real estate by an expert, or an inventory made by a court enforcement officer. In inheritance matters related to the reserved portion, we advise and represent clients in court by preparing a statement of claim and pleadings. Our service is comprehensive and covers every aspect of a given inheritance case.

Counsel with many years of experience gained in various law firms in Warsaw. The law firms Zbigniew Roman has worked for specialize in criminal and divorce cases. Among others, Zbigniew Roman has worked for Naumann-Trela-Zuchowicz and at Jerzy Naumann’s individual legal practice. For 6 years Zbigniew has had its own practice.
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