Energy and environmental protection

Environmental protection with its underlying regulatory framework (Polish and EU laws) are the elements of investment undertakings that cannot be considered “some time later” in the course of the investment process. Environmental protection issues such as emitted pollution, purchased certificates and adherence to strict energy generation norms must be taken into account especially by energy sector firms.

Legislation and regulatory aspects pertaining to power industry and environmental protection to be taken into account in the investment process are countless. Fuels, energy processing, electric power industry, gas industry or heat industry – each form of energy and fuel generation, storage, distribution and sale is strictly regulated by business and environmental laws. We help entrepreneurs fulfil all the legal obligations they must fulfil when creating investment plans and carrying out their day-to-day business. As regards our energy law practice, we represent Clients before public administration authorities (among others the Energy Regulatory Office or the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) and administrative courts, and monitor on a day-to-day basis all changes that take place in the energy sector’s legislation. We do not only assist with formal matters but also supervise the adherence to the law (for instance, fulfilment of legal requirements relating to the assets of an energy firm). We care about our Clients’ interests in the area of environmental protection. We help businesses involved in the creation of renewable energy resources fulfil the formal requirements of the investment process by being active participants of administrative procedures.

SRDK’s strengths in the area of energy and environmental protection: 

  • in-depth knowledge of issues concerning the Renewable Energy Resources, conventional energy industry and heat power industry;
  • strong track record in administrative and energy law matters;
  • legal assistance relating to all regulatory aspects of energy law (tariffs, licences, obligations towards the regulator, connections, certificates, access to power grid, etc.);
  • monitoring and drafting energy supply agreements and fulfilling formal and legal conditions to be met to by service providers;
  • checking whether the mandatory fuels reserves are maintained and how they are stored;
  • advising on issues related to waste management including waste storage, recycling, recovery and export and the impact of the above on the environment;
  • assistance in the procedure of seeking claims for damage to the environment, applying for permits for the emission of dust or gases into the air or permits for the disposal of sewage;
  • assistance in the procedure of applying for environmental decisions or permits required under environmental protection laws, collaboration with environmental protection entities in administrative procedures and preparing legal expert opinions.
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